Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Woman's Prayer

O Almighty God,
who hast given me unto Christ,
and made Him to be My Redeemer and Beloved Husband.
I give thanks for Thy saving, regenerating power
which hast delivered me from the dominion of sin and darkness
and transferred me into the kingdom of Thy dear Son.
I praise Thee for Thy love and tender watchfulness over my life.
I exalt Thee for Thy commandments,
which Thou hast given that I might love, and honour Thee
and Thy Son, obey Thee in all things and thus,
loving my neighbor as myself.
Give me Thy ever-present grace that I might cheerfully,
and with my whole heart, keep Thy Law.
Keep my carnal mind and emotions
from making idols of people and of vain things.
Help me to be fervent in my love for Thee
and ahungering for Thy precious Word, my Lord.
Open my eyes that I might see Thy kingdom at work.
Give me understanding of Thy truth that I might discern wisdom.
Grant me the purity of heart to honor and reverence
Thy holy revelation and the eternal wisdom of scripture,
and esteem Thy Bible above all earthly philosophy & knowledge
that exalts itself above the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.
Help me to yield a ready obedience to Thy Great Commission,
withholding nothing of Thy gospel call
that I might see the lost sinner reconciled to Thee,
Thy Blood-bought saints encouraged,
and the impenitent confirmed in their rebellion
that Thy punishment be justified.
Make me to bear up under the reproach of men
for Thy Name and Thy glory's sake.
Give me humility to bear
the necessary rebukes of faithful friends
with patience and humility.
Grant me the privilege
to do the good works Thou has prepared for me
and to bear much fruit in keeping with my repentance.
Keepest Thou my soul from besetting and presumptuous sins.
Deliver me O God, from pride,
rebellion and wilfulness,
from anxiousness and frivolity,
from bitterness and anger,
from hopelessness and despair,
from passion and stubbornness,
from sloth and carelessness.
Keep me from seeking the praise or esteem of men
and deliver me from the temptation to look to other people
and things, for the pleasure and comfort that I am to find
only in You, my soul's Savior.
Make me diligent in all my duties and studies,
and patient in all my trials;
that so living, I may please You
and by enduring in my faith to the end
I might prove to be Thy child,
and be Thy adoring servant and Bride
for life and eternity.


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