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Guilty! The Crying Sin of Abortion

"Thou shalt not murder."
Exodus 20:13

Thomas Watson writes in sharp pictorial of the damnation of the Almighty against those who dare to violate His 6th command & commit the sin of shedding innocent blood. I have included excerpts from Watson's biblical treatise on this commandment below, including notes to particularize it for the evil of abortion.

~ Patte Smith

Thomas Watson

"Thou shalt not murder."
Exodus 20:13

In this commandment is a sin forbidden, which is murder, 'Thou shalt not kill,'
and a duty implied, which is, to preserve our own life, and the life of others.

We must not injure another in his body. Life is the most precious thing; and God has set this commandment as a fence about it, to preserve it. He made a statute which has never to this day been repealed. 'Whose sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.' Gen 9: 6. In the old law, if a man killed another unawares, he might take sanctuary; but if he killed him willingly, though he fled to the sanctuary, the holiness of the place would not defend him. 'If a man come presumptuously upon his neighbour, to slay him with guile, thou shalt take him from mine altar, that he may die.' Exod 21: 14. In the commandment, 'Thou shalt do no murder,' all sins are forbidden which lead to it, and are the occasions of it...

Hatred is a vermin which lives upon blood. 'Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel.' Ezek 35: 5. ... Hatred is ever cruel.

How many ways is murder committed?

We may be said to murder...

With the HAND; as Joab killed Abner and Amass. 'He smote him in the fifth rib, and shed out his bowels.' 2 Sam 20: 10. (*Abortionists, clinic workers, mothers & fathers who procure an abortion against their babies & grandbabies.)

With the mind. Malice is mental murder. 'Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer.' 1 John 3: 15. To malign another, and wish evil against him in the heart, is murdering him. (*Those who murder babies by abortion have to mental malice against the child beforehand. Murdering the infant from the heart before they even arrive at the killing place.)

By putting poison into cups. Thus the wife of Commodes the emperor killed her husband by poisoning the wine which he drank. So, MANY KILL LITTLE CHILDREN BY MEDICINES THAT CAUSE THEIR DEATH. (*Birth control pills, Morning after pill, herbal abortifacients, RU-486/chemical/medical abortion)

By CONSENTING to another's death; as Saul to the death of Stephen. 'I also was standing by and consenting unto his death.' Acts 22: 20. HE THAT GIVES CONSENT IS ACCESSORY TO THE MURDER. (*All of those who stand by in support of the murder of a child or who, by their silence, imply consent. Father of the baby, grandparents of the child, co-workers, friends, family members & the church in the community.)

BY NOT HINDERING THE DEATH OF ANOTHER WHEN IN OUR POWER. Pilate knew Christ was innocent. 'I find no fault in Him,' he said, but did not hinder His death; therefore he was guilty. Washing his hands in water could not wash away the guilt of Christ's blood. (*Neither can it wash away the guilt of those who do not try to hinder the violent murder of their little neighbors.)

By UNMERCIFULNESS. BY TAKING AWAY THAT WHICH IS NECESSARY FOR THE SUPPORT OF LIFE... Or BY NOT HELPING HIM WHEN HE IS READY TO BE SLAIN. YOU MAY BE THE DEATH OF ANOTHER, AS WELL BY NOT RELIEVING HIM, AS BY OFFERING HIM VIOLENCE... How many are thus guilty of the breach of this commandment! (*Fathers & grandparents of abortion-imperiled babies & any others, including church folks, who say: "It's her choice" and offer no assistance to the pregnant woman & her baby.)

By not executing the law upon capital offenders. A felon having committed six murders, the judge may be said to be guilty of five of them, because he did not execute the felon for his first offence. (*The magistrate is given the sword to defend innocent citizenry. Because the state & the nation does not prosecute abortionists & clinic workers & aborting mothers & fathers & grandparents for the intentional murder of babies, they too are guilty before God for the shedding of innocent blood.)

What are the aggravations of this sin of murder?

To shed the blood of another ceaselessly; as to kill another in a humour or frolic...many when not provoked, will take away the life of another. This makes the sin of blood more bloody. The less provocation to a sin the greater sin. (*Abortionists & clinic workers are unceasing in their bloody killing spree. We see many aborting women & men laughing & casually murdering infants over & over again.)

To shed the blood of a near relation aggravates the murder, and dyes it of a deeper crimson... he is not guilty of murder only, but of ... diabolical cruelty. (*It is one thing to murder a complete stranger, as the abortionists do. The sin of murdering one's own flesh & blood child is an aggravation of the sin & greatly increases the degree of the sin for the mother, father & grandparents & no doubt enhances their degree of punishment in hell as well.)

To shed the blood of any righteous person aggravates the sin. Hereby justice is perverted. Such a person being innocent, is unworthy of death. A saint being a public blessing, lies in the breach to turn away wrath; so that to destroy him is to pull down the pillars of a nation. He is precious to God. Psa 116: 15. He is a member of Christ's body; therefore what injury is offered to him is done to God Himself. Acts 9: 4. (*Of all human beings, pre-born children are inarguably the most innocent.)

Take heed of shedding blood... This is a great wrong done to God, and he will not hold you guiltless.

To deter all from having their hands defiled with blood, consider what a sin murder is. It is

(1) A God-affronting sin. It is a breach of His command, and trampling upon His royal edict. It is a wrong offered to God's image. 'In the image of God made He man.' Gen 9: 6. It is tearing God's picture, and breaking in pieces the King of heaven's broad seal. Man is the temple of God. 'Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?' I Cor 6: 19. The man-slayer destroys God's temple; and will God endure to be thus confronted by proud dust?

(2) It is a CRYING sin. The VOICE of BLOOD cries to Heaven. There are three sins in Scripture which are said to CRY. Oppression. Psa 12: 5. Sodomy. Gen 18: 21. Bloodshed. This cries so loud, that it drowns all the other cries. 'The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground.' Gen 4: 10. Abel's blood had as many tongues as drops, to cry aloud for vengeance. This sin of blood lay heavy on David's conscience; though he had sinned by adultery, yet, what he cried out for most was, this crimson sin of blood. 'Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, O God.' Psa 51: 14. Though the Lord visits for every sin, yet He will in a special manner make 'INQUISITION FOR BLOOD.' Psa 9: 12. If a beast killed a man it was to be stoned, and its flesh was not to be eaten. Exod 21: 28. If God would have a beast stoned that killed a man, which had not the use of reason to restrain it, much more will he be incensed against those who, against both reason and conscience, take away the life of a man.

(3) Murder is a DIABOLICAL sin. It makes a man the devil's first born, for he was a murderer from the beginning. John 8: 44.

(4) It is a CURSED sin. If there be a curse for him that smites his neighbour secretly, he is doubly cursed that kills him. Deut 27: 24. The first man that was born was a murderer. 'And now art thou cursed from the earth.' Gen 4: 11. He was an excommunicated person, banished from the place of God's public worship. God set a mark upon bloody Cain. Gen 4: 15. Some think that mark was horror of mind, which, above all sins, accompanies the sin of blood. Others think it was a continual shaking and trembling in his flesh. He carried a curse along with him.

(5) It is a wrath-procuring sin. 2 Kings 24: 4.

It procures TEMPORAL judgements...Vengeance as a bloodhound pursues the murderer. 'Bloody men shall not live out half their days.' Psa 55: 23.

It brings ETERNAL judgements. It binds men over to hell...Let all impenitent murderers read their doom in Rev 21: 8: 'Murderers shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.' We read of 'fire mingled with blood.' Rev 8: 7. Such as have their hands full of blood must undergo the wrath of God. Here is fire mingled with blood, and this fire is inextinguishable. Mark 9: 44. Time will not finish it, tears will not quench it.

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