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A Day in the Life of a Killing Place Missionary

A Day in the Life of a Killing Place Missionary

August 26, 2013 at 8:52am

Me (smiling)
"Hi, my name is Patte. 
I'm a Christian. 
Here's a special ministry packet for you. 
What's the biggest reason you feel like you just don't want to raise this baby right now?"

Abortion-bound mother (&/or accomplices)
"Please, leave me alone. 
I don't want to talk to you.
Get away from me."

Me: "I'm here with my friends to speak to you & your child
with the love & truth of Jesus. 
He sent us here with a special message for you AND your baby.
YOU are made in the image & likeness of God. 
And, so is your baby. 
Did you know that Psalm 127:3 says:
'Children are a gift from the Lord'?"

Abortion-bound mother:
"Yes. I know. I know. I already have kids.
Listen, don't bother me. I have an appointment. 
Why don't you just go away?"

Me: "Surely if someone was taking YOU to be slaughtered, 
you wouldn't want us to worry about 'bothering' or even taking the risk of 'offending' the person who meant you harm. 
You would want someone to physically intervene 
& SPEAK up on your behalf. 
You would want me to try & save you, right?"
God's has written His Law on your heart. 
It speaks to your conscience & says, 'YOU SHALL NOT MURDER'. 
What do you think of that commandment?

Abortion-bound mother:
"It's a good commandment."

Me: "That's right. It's a good commandment. It's perfectly reasonable. We are all glad that God wrote His Law on the hearts of people, so they would know right from wrong. We don't want people to think murder is okay, do we?"  

Abortion-bound mom: 
"No, but, this is not a good time. 
Why don't you go across the street 
& just pray instead of bothering me?"

"We HAVE prayed. We ARE praying. And we haven't stopped. 
We pray ALWAYS. 
Listen, you were given to your momma & daddy as a gift from the Lord. And your little one has been given to you as His gift.
He sent us here to speak up 
for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Your baby deserves our best efforts to save her life. 
Your son or daughter cannot fight for his or herself.
Your precious child cannot cry out for help. 
Your tiny infant cannot beg for mercy.
Jesus sent us here to rescue the perishing, in His holy Name.
And YOU, my dear, are also one of the perishing."

Abortion-bound mom:
"But, I don't want to hear what you have to say. 
I don't want to talk to you."

"God sent us here to speak to you AND your baby, honey.
Even though your infant cannot speak, your baby has ears.
Your child can hear the message Jesus is speaking.
I have come to speak to your son or daughter, too."

Abortion-bound mother: 
"Believe me, I'm not doing this lightly. We've given this a lot of thought." 

Me: "I'm sure that you have. Evil always takes some planning. I reckon people who are going to rape a woman probably give it a lot of thought too. And child molesters, they probably think & plan for a while before molesting a child. Listen, THINKING about something long & hard doesn't change it from being WRONG & make it RIGHT. It's not just 'WRONG' to kill your baby, honey. It's a violation of God's holy commandment against shedding innocent blood. Murdering your baby is a sin. A soul-damning sin. God says in Revelation 21:8 that all murderers will be cast into the lake of fire."
Abortion-bound mother:
"You know, this is already hard & you're making it harder." 

Me: "I'm glad it's been hard. Doing evil should never be easy. Listen, raping a woman may be a hard decision for the rapist. Molesting a child may be a hard thing for a child molester to do. Honey, murdering your baby SHOULD BE SO HARD for you that you cannot bring yourself to do it. Let us help you through pregnancy. If you don't want to raise this child, adoption is a way for you to choose a loving forever mommy & daddy for your baby."

Abortion-bound mother:
"No way. I couldn't do adoption. I'm couldn't go through all that." 

Me: "Okay now. Let's be honest, okay? You shouldn't say you 'can't' do it. You COULDchoose a loving couple & place your baby in a loving adoptive home. You might notWANT to, but you are ABLE to do it. I'll do what I can to help you."

Abortion-bound mother:
"Well. That's true. I COULD do it, but I don't WANT to. But, there's no way I could have my baby & give it away to strangers who might abuse the kid or something."

Me: "What are you talking about? You do HAVE your baby & YOU ARE PLANNING TO GIVE YOUR CHILD TO STRANGERS (pointing toward the door) who ARE planning to ABUSE your baby...TO DEATH!"

Abortion-bound mother: "Yeah. Well. I just have to do it. There's no way I'm having this baby."

Me: "You do HAVE the baby, sweetheart. 
You ARE a mommy. This is your little son or daughter.
You need to fight for the life of your child. 
Let me help you. I'll take you out to lunch.
There's a place just around the corner. 
Let's go together right now. 
We can sit across the table & talk, just us.
Let's go."

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