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March 29, 2014 at 11:12am

When it hits single digits (or below zero) mothers still bring their babies in to have them slaughtered at abortuaries. Sadly, many missionaries had to stay home from witnessing at the killing places when the most frigid days of winter hit. Why? Because their wardrobe left them unprepared for the polar vortex weather. May I recommend that you try & catch some of the end of winter sales on special clothing especially designed for below freezing? You will redeem the time, ministering many more days, if you make preparations now. Invest in good socks, long undergarments, coats, boots, hats & gloves for ministry next winter.

My friend Jillian (in Ohio) got frostbite on her thumb this winter, & she was WEARING GLOVES! You need the right stuff! Here are a few pieces of good advice from those who know how to keep safe & warm in cold weather:

I wear Pepper Skins Hot Chillys ( underneath, which includes top and bottoms along with regular socks underneath a pair of Wigwam wool socks, then a hooded sweatshirt, Columbia fleece, and an Arizona winter jacket. Insulated boots are Alpine Design with Thinsulate insulation. I'll wear a Bula Balaclava. Gloves are also Alpine Design with Thinsulate insulation. That about covers it, so to speak. 
~ veteran missionary Scott of Colorado
I own LL Bean flannel lined jeans 
~ veteran missionary Leslie of Colorado

Leslie (of Maine) recommends these Sorel boots with wool liners:

I no longer live & minister in very cold climates in winter. If I did, though, I would want to get all the accoutrements recommended. It is vital to keep warm & dry, stave off chilling winds, wick moisture, avoid frost nip, frost bite & hyperthermia. Clothes are a missionary's TOOLS in winter. They are worthy of making requests from Christians for donations. There are some that are good for 40 below zero! I read of a man who jogs all year in Fairbanks, Alaska, even when it is 40-50 below zero! I'm sure keeping moving helps.

YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN: I realize that it may be untenable to purchase all of these things for children, who will need new ones every year. For the coldest days, it is probably wise to seek godly friends to watch the children indoors, rather than bringing them out to the killing place. Ask the Lord to help you find saints who want to support your missionary endeavor by caring for your blessings.

If you are a faithful missionary (you have been ministering at least once a week for a good period of time), you are worthy of support in this regard. If you cannot afford the proper accoutrements for ministering for hours out in the frigid winter weather, ask your church & friends to help you acquire them. A soldier needs the right tools for battle. For Scripture says, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain," and "The worker deserves his wages." ( I Timothy 5:18)
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