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Crying Sins

Crying Sins

March 13, 2014 at 7:55pm

Every sin has a voice to speak, 
but some sins cry.
~ Thomas Watson

What hast thou done? 
The voice of thy brother's blood 
crieth unto Me 
from the ground.
~ God
Genesis 4:10

Such sins are more heinous that are committed presumptuously.
Under the law there was no sacrifice for presumptuous sins. (Num 15:30).

What is the sin of presumption,
which heightens and aggravates sin,
and makes it more heinous?

To sin presumptuously,
is to sin against convictions and illuminations,
or an enlightened conscience.

‘They are of those that rebel against the light.’ 
Job 24:13 ...

When a man sins after counsels, admonitions, warnings,
he cannot plead ignorance.
The trumpet of the gospel has been blown in his ears,
and sounded a retreat to call him off from his sins,
he has been told of his injustice...
yet he would venture upon sin.
This is to sin against conviction;
it aggravates the sin,
and is like a weight put into the scale,
to make his sin weigh the heavier...

When a man sins against express combinations and threatening.
God has thundered out threatenings against such sins...
Though God set the point of his sword to the breast of a sinner,
he will still commit sin.
The pleasure of sin delights him
more than the threatenings affright him....
he derides God’s threatenings...
For men to see the flaming sword of God’s threatening brandished,
yet to strengthen themselves in sin,
is in an aggravated manner to sin against illumination and conviction...

You see all sins are not equal;
some are more grievous than others,
and bring greater wrath;
therefore especially take heed of these sins...
Oh, beware of those circumstances
which increase your sin
and make it more heinous!
The higher a man is in sinning,
the lower he shall lie in torment.

Excerpted from "The Ten Commandments"
Chapter 3.2: Degrees of Sin
by Thomas Watson

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