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Whose approval are YOU seeking?

Whose approval are YOU seeking?

September 29, 2013 at 7:42am
For it is not he 
who commends himself 
that is approved, 
but he whom the Lord commends..
Such a person's praise 
is not from other people, 
but from God...
do we need, like some people, 
letters of recommendation to you 
or from you?...
We do not dare to classify 
or compare ourselves 
with some who commend themselves. 
When they measure themselves by themselves 
and compare themselves with themselves, 
they are not wise...

(2 Cor 10:18;Romans 2:29;2 Cor 3:1;10:12)

How common is it for persons
to judge of their own religious character,
by the opinions and maxims of the world around them!
But how different is the rule of God's Word!
And of all flattery, self-flattery is the worst.
Therefore, instead of praising ourselves,
we should strive to approve ourselves to God.
In a word, let us glory in the Lord our salvation,
and in all other things only as evidences of His love,
or means of promoting HIS GLORY.
Instead of praising ourselves,
or seeking the praise of men,
let us desire that honour
which cometh from God only.
~ Matthew Henry

Beware of seeking favor with people, churchmen and churches. 
Be careful about promoting yourself, your "ministry", your "mission", your "organization", your "event", a "movement", even your "church".
Seek to give all the glory to Jesus and desire only the praise which comes from God. 

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