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Are you Walking in Darkness?

Are you Walking in Darkness?

March 24, 2014 at 3:03pm

Walk in the light 
while there is light.
Walk while you have the light, 
before darkness overtakes you. 
Whoever walks in the dark 
does not know where they are going. 
~ John 12:35

God Almighty blinds those who refuse, constantly, deliberately, and over a period of time to walk in light. Three times in the book of Romans, people were given up by God; first to uncleanness, second, to vile affections, and third, to a reprobate (depraved) mind. God gave them over to a spirit of slumber. He gave them eyes that they should not see truth, and ears that they should not hear truth.

Do you want God to just leave you alone? 

He will do just that. 

What a terrifying desire. 

It's end is death.

You were not made to live independently of God but the complete opposite. Anything else is utter rebellion. Turn from such thinking and walk in the light. No matter how opposed you are on every side and though the world walk in the opposite direction, walk in the light. When all those around you call evil good, and good evil, turn and walk in the light of God's truth. You know it. He planted it in your heart as a gift; the gift of your God- given conscience.

Let us acknowledge the Lord...
That we may live before Him.
Let us press on to acknowledge Him.
~ Hosea 6:1,2,3

from  Ann Mussoline Cwalina

The people who walked in darkness 
have seen a great light; 
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, 
on them has light shone.
~ Isaiah 9:2
For further study regarding darkness & the overcoming Light of the Lord, see also:
Matthew 4:16
Luke 1:79;2:32
Ephesians 5:8
Isaiah 60:19
I Peter 2:9
Micah 7:8

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