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Kiss the Baby

Kiss the Baby

September 15, 2013 at 10:46am
Don't call abortion a "choice"
Quit using the word "option'"

Stop sanitizing child-sacrifice!

Abortion is not a "choice"
any more than sexually molesting a baby is an "option".

Abortion is NOT a mere choice.
Abortion is not an option.


Pure & simple.


Abortion is a
against a beautiful, innocent baby
& against the beautiful God
Who gave her to US.

To US.
To all of US.
To you.
To me.

Let me explain.

Psalm 127:3 says "Children are a gift from the Lord".
The baby boy or girl is not just a gift to his or her momma & poppa,
the infant is also a gift to US,
for the child is our neighbor,
whom we are commanded to love & protect,
as we love & protect OURSELVES.

Don't fall for the humanistic credo of non-directive, non-judgmental, moral relativism.
You are not a moral relativist, are you?
If you ARE, you are NO CHRISTIAN!

God is a moral ABSOLUTIST: "You shall not murder".
And if you claim to belong to His Son, YOU SHOULD BE THE SAME!
If God's Word, His Holy Law,
is good enough for Him,
it is good enough for US.
And it is good enough for the abortion-bound mother.

Stop speaking as if the wicked sin of baby-murder,
which God forbids
is acceptable.

If you are to kiss the Son,
you must kiss the baby.
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